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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympic Bender

What a weekend.  From start to finish it was a blinder, full of buffoonery and memories not to be forgotten.  I shall write up the stupidity part in a separate blog, as there was quite a bit, and there should be some movement on the old race for the Maillot Jaune standings.  The Beach Volleyball was brilliant, the setting inspirational.  A temporary stand set up on the Horse Guards Parade afforded epic views, ranging from Nelson's column to the London Eye, with most of Whitehall squeezed in between.  The games were pretty good, although the Chinese team USA pairing pretty much owned their opponents.  Prize for the pertest posteriors went to the Italians, although the dancing girls who came out when the competitors took a break were stunning (apart from the two male dancers, but hey they made Crespo smile)

The first night we were in Hyde Park, for the free big screens.  Major and Downhill had spent quite a chunk of the afternoon there, and we would have been the earlier, if it weren't for the Shoutster, who had conspired to loose our left luggage ticket, which I shall elaborate on more when I do a score update.  We watched Jess Ennis win her medal, but the £5 for a pint of Heineken soon saw us make a break for the delights of Soho, where we watched Mo Farrah claim his gold.  The rest of the evening is a bit hazy, but we were all wide eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday morning, as we embarked on an epic day.  Covent Garden was where we warmed up for the day ahead, watching Andy Murray take the gold, much to the Majors surprise (and everyone in the pub).  After the Volleyball we once again hit Soho, and then Leicester Square.  A couple of the lads were worse for wear the next day, but when you fall asleep on a tube, get off at the wrong station and forget the name and the location of your hotel, you really only have yourself to blame....

I have uploaded a gallery that can be visited by clicking here. Olympics 2012

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