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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Le Grande Buffoon 2012 Update

This going to be short and sweet, as I have just  spent half an hour writing up a post on the buffoonery in London, only for Blogger to crash, kick me out and delete the whole post, which to honest, I can't be arsed doing again  So here are some bullet points, with name, points total and reason for score.

Shouty 6 points.  The usual reasons.  Lost luggage receipt with in one minute and fifty paces of getting it.  Followed this by losing his house keys as well.  Would have scored more, but was on the way back to the hotel with Crespo, who assumes the points, because the loud one couldn't fin his way around a phone booth when inebriated.

Crespo 4 points.  Thought it would be a smart move to go to a casino and wait till the Underground began running again, instead of forking out loads of cash on a taxi fare.  Not a bad plan, till you realise our digs were a 50 minute train ride from where they were.  can you guess what happened next?  Thats right our two heroes slept right through their station, and ended up at the airport.  An argument with an underrground worker meant he ended up forking out 30 odd quid on a taxi any way...

Euro Bri, Jonesy, Major and Downhill 1 point. My point was for not recognizing my own kids on a picture on my phone.  Jonesy for splashing a bunch of strangers with spilt beer, and then refusing to apologize  The Swiss duo get a point each for something that slips my mind, but I know there was definitly one each for something.

That leaves the 2012 tables looking thus:
  1. John the Don  10 points
  2. Shouty  9 points
  3. Jonesy  8 points
  4. El Grande Queso  4 points
  5. Crespo 4 points
  6. Geevers  3 points
  7. Dangerous Pete  2 points
  8. Euro Bri  2 points
  9. Downhill  1 point
  10. The Major  1 point

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