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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bendership Time

Hola muchachos, it is that time again, football season is here.  As usual, I have organized a fantasy footie league, and invitations have been sent out.  If I have missed you out, or you fancy a dip, please let me know.

On to my annual predictions.  First up the Drama Queens of the Premier league.  It looks like a straight fight between the two Manchester clubs, with perhaps a challenge from Chelsea.  I am hoping for the blue side of Manc land to triumph, but I have a sneaky feeling the Reds of anywhere but Manchester could sneak it, as City prioritize the Champions League.  Arsenal and Spurs will scrap for fourth, with Newcastle and maybe Liverpool trying to crash the top four party.  I have a sneaky feeling the Magpies might actually crack it.  Relegation is a far harder one to call.  I am plumping for Reading and Wigan, with QPR to fall on the last day of the season.

The Championship is, as always the toughest to call.  Of the relegated sides, I fancy Blackburn, who have made some shrewd signings, to bounce back up.  I would love to see Blackpool follow suit, but think the playoffs might be their best bet.  I also like the look of Cardiff, with Bellamy making the difference.  Relegation?  Leeds, Peterborough and Bristol City.  Watching the wheels come off for Warnock should be hilarious, but if they do find a buyer with spending power, they could as easily make the playoffs, which will be painful.

League One?  Who really gives a shit.

League Two, home of the once Mighty Bantams.  I will be honest, I have no idea which way their season will go.  The new signings look good, but they have for the previous four seasons (Nandos waiter Willy Topp apart) but we are still firmly ensconced in bottom tier, and flirted outrageously with the ignominy of the Blue Square for almost the entire season 2011/12.  Expectations are low, so maybe a run at the play offs?  I see Chesterfield, Rotherham and Wycombe as the teams to beat.  Away days to watch out for, are Fleetwood and York.  All together....."My garden shed is bigger than this......"

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