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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is this the end for the Wood?

Tonight may prove to be quite a landmark game, because if everything goes to plan, this Wednesday will probably bring the curtain down on 22 years of five a side football.  Don't get me wrong, the game shall continue, but Bradford Councils insane pricing has meant it just doesn't make sense to continue playing at the old venue.  We have found a new one, that works out £1000 a year cheaper to play at, and at that kind of saving (a hundred quid per year each) it no longer made sense to keep on at the Wood.  So it shall be the Green from next week.  If all goes tits up, we do have the option of recovering our old slot, time will tell.

As for the actual football itself, things have been all over the place.  We are finally starting to get a couple of settled sides, especially the Righteous euro boys, whose team has had a couple of enforced changes since the start of the year.  The race for the title is still pretty open, although the female dodging JMF have a healthy four game lead at the moment.  Plenty of time left yet....

2012 Season

JMF wins- 18

Euro wins- 14

Draws- 4

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