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Friday, August 26, 2011

Killer Keisters

Well my PC has gone south on me again, which means I am deprived of access to the "Spank Bank" a.k.a my hoard of Killer Keisters. Which is a bummer, because the Elster wont allow me to keep a reserve vault on her lap top. But I was hoping to upload the fine ass currently displayed on several local buses. Some fine minx is bent over tying her shoe laces, showing of her mighty fine arse. Which is hardly surprising considering that she is advertising reebok easytones. Anyway, seeing as I can not post any pictures this week, please feel free to enjoy the delectable Kelly Brook, whose arse is is the main, neigh only feature, used in this recent advert for the a fore mentioned foot wear.

And while we are on the subject of Easy tones, here are a couple of ad posters to tide you over till I get my accursed desk top back up and running.

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