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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Padawan Breaks Euro hearts

It was there for the taking. A high scoring affair seemed to be in the bag for the Righteous, who were holding onto a slender lead, but the young fella popped up out wide to curl one into the bottom corner to level the scores. Mind you, Clogs should have covered himself in glory, not just once, but twice. Instead he blazed two golden chances high wide and handsome, and what seemed a certain victory had been spurned. At the start, it looked like it would be a cake walk for the lads in white, as a substantial lead was earned. That is until the Octopus took up residence between the sticks. Now you would think a chap with eight appendages would be a bit handy as a goal keeper, but Big Phil must have had seven of 'em tied behind his back, as we went from miles in front, to being in arrears. The rest of the game was pretty entertaining stuff. Four penalty disputes, a battle of sea creatures, and an exciting finish. Top stuff indeed.

Moment of Match
Mention needs to be made of the Shotguns top strike early on. Took the ball with his left, turned inside, and smashed one into the far corner. But the moment of the match has to go to mighty marine battle between King "Flipper the Dolphin" Dave and Big Phil "The Octopus" At first it looked like the many armed one was going to get the better of the tussle, but the Dolphin had a surprise move tucked up his blow hole. Instead of employing his size ten flippers, he used an old fashioned shoulder barge on the cephalopod, who deployed his ink spray, and was gone.

JMF- Big jihnnyM, Luklear War, Salty, King Dave and The Padawan

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Octopus, Dr Shotgun and Crespo

2011 Season

JMF wins - 17

Euro Elite - 12

Draws - 5

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