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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ray of Hope?

After three weeks without their talisman, the MoFo were looking pretty confident prior to kick off, that once again they would be ready to return to winning ways. During his absence, his team mates had failed to lengthen their lead, and had in fact seen it shrink. This reversal of fortune had finally seemed to shake Crespo out of his funk (although he may well have finally got his leg over) and we started not shy of confidence our selves. It was all set up to be perhaps the defining game of the season. Could the Righteous continue to make inroads into the JMF lead? Or would the female dodging MoFo return Kevin to his deep depression of the Spring? To be honest there was never any real doubt once the game commenced. The opening exchanges were tight. At the first keeper change it was only 1-0, bet slowly, a gap finally began to emerge between the Righteous and the Nefarious. There was, as ever, a sustained assault upon our lead, but for a change the Euro boys stood firm, and coasted to a comfortable victory. An aberration or a turning point?

Dolphin v Octopus
What's an octopus's favourite food? Dolphin! Big Phil had Flippers number all night, both on the court, and between the pegs. Twas an epic performance from the stout cephlapod, that saw Dave the dolphin resort to some dubious shouldering, in a vain effort to gain the upper tentacle.

Moment of Match
No comedy choice of ball to the knackers or swan dives from Big Phil. This weeks winner is the sublime goal scored by Young Gaz, after some brilliant one touch football that featured a contribution from every member of the Righteous. Sublime.

JMF- Dead Eye, Luklear War, Jamon, King Dave and The Mercanary

EURO E- Euro Bri, Clogs, The Octopus, Young Gaz and Crespo

2011 Season

JMF wins - 17

Euro Elite - 14

Draws - 5

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