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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bantams 1 Shots 2

A bit late with this, but what the fuck, I've been busy. I haven't got a season ticket this year, due to work commitments, but I was able to score a day off for the opening game of the season. A game that filled me with trepidation, as the lads were woeful last year. Yes new faces were in place, and now permanent manager Jacko could claim this to be his team, so no excuses relating to the former man in the hot seat. And my fears proved well founded in the first half. A central defensive pairing of Branston and Bullock looked as slow on grass as it did on paper. The rest of the team were at best lack lustre, and at worse pitiful. Two nil to the visitors, and apart from a goal deep into injury time, they never looked like surrendering the three points. But typical of the Bantams, just as you begin to fear the Conference, they go to Elland Road, and nearly pull off a win against Leeds. The forums will rally the troops, and promotion will be the new watchword, but it will be the home game against Barnet, when I make my prediction for the season. It will be the the fifth game of the campaign, against a side that missed demotion by a whisker. And we never seem to beat them at Valley Parade.

Kev Watch
I am maintaining Kev watch this season, as nobody has replaced cult figure Super Barry Conlon. His excitement soon gave way to despair, and he saved much of his venom for young James Hanson, who to be fair, was pretty hopeless. he was, however, on great form for the rerst of the evening, although he did mucky his ticket by trying to get me to go to Flares, officially the Bradford districts second shittiest night club (after Porkys, or whatever it calls it self these days), which makes it the fourth shittiest club in Europe. Shame on you Spoons! 9/10

Pie Rating
My boycott has been called off (everybody deserves a second chance) but was nearly reinforced, when I was told the only pies they had left till half time were chicken Balti. It's probably my least favourite savoury pastry, but WTF thought I. But the self imposed ban seemed all but assured when i was relieved of £2.90 for my pre match snack. But just as my pocket was about to snap shut for the rest of the season, I tasted it. And it wasn't bad. Not Rochdale great, but not bad. Brother Lobon got a bit carried away and gave it an immediate 9/10, but soon downgraded it, and after it had spent an evening repeating on him, marked as I had thought. A good 6/10, which is pretty fair for a Balti pie. At the end a fair score, and good enough to entice me into sampling a different variety on my next visit

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