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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Killer Keisters

This week Killer Keister is in honour of panties. Not just any, but crisp virginal white ones, my absolute favourite. Now I have no issue with wide variety of different styles of knickers, thongs, g-strings, boys pants and the like, but for me, nothing beats a pair tighty whities. I adore the shot above, as an almost perfect example. A lovely curvy keister, I am sure you will agree. The photo below is for the fans of the more ample arse. A classic bent over, skirt riding up pose. Very cheeky.

Now I try not too post repeat shots on the thread, but too not feature the two lovelies below, particularly in an ode to the white pantie, would be nothing short of criminal. And I know one will make a certain squad member most happy.

I had to include the one above, as to be honest, it is my favourite. An absolute peach. Which just leaves us with this weeks G.A.S. Now you may have figured that it had already been posted. I know I have got a bit carried away this week, as I say this can probably be considered almost a fetish, but I think you guys out there (and who knows, perhaps a few gals) deserve a treat now and again. Now wheres those wet wipes.....

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