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Monday, June 21, 2010

Stateside Shenanigans

Now that I am finally turned around, sleep wise anyway, I have decided to to write up a brief-ish post about my recent jaunt Stateside. most of my trip was family orientated, it was my Grandmothers 90th birthday, but I did manage to escape on an occasion or two too get out on the lash. Big Franks favourite watering hole was the American Veterans club (Am-Vets as it is locally known) which was very nice. Cheap beer, and plenty of TV's too watch sports. The only down side was the proliferation of Sabre Tooth Tigers in the place. "The what?" I hear you cry. These creatures are like Cougars, but in their sixties. Which is quite frightening for a young 40 something such as myself. They were all very nice ladies, but being chatted up by a pissed up granny is to be quite frank, a bit creepy. I even had to take the Elster down one night, just so I could drink in peace. Other nights out down the Clover Club (probably Tiffins best bar) and McGowans were far tamer. by comparison. Thankfully I managed to keep the Buffoonery to a minimum (see above) and managed not to nearly kill my self in the local swimming pool. Saying that, I was over whelmed by a gang of punk ass kids down the local watering hole (as in swimming not drinking) when I tried to lounge in a massive inner tube. The little swines kept tipping it over, and eventually I had to concede defeat. and head for shore.

We did a few a day trips, all in Ohio. Columbus, the state capital, looks like it could be worth a more prolonged stay. Amish Country was full of women who wore bonnets and blokes with beards. I didn't get it. But I did enjoy the couple of hours tour round the old Ohio Sate Reformatory, which has a claim to fame as the place where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed. It is on the whole a spooky place, that has fallen into disrepair, and over looks the modern facility that replaced it. My daughter, who has decided she now wants to be known as G Doggy Dog, or G-Dog for short, decided to wave at the inmates who were out sunning themselves, and promptly pooped her pants when started waving back, whilst removing his shirt. I also took the Elster to her first Baseball game, the Cleveland Indians versus the Chicago White Sox. It left her bamboozled, but she did enjoy perusing the numerous shops in the stadium, so it wasn't all bad. For those of you who are interested, I have posted a short gallery here.
The Elster had hold of the camera for most of the trip, so there is a lack of stupid photos, although there are a few that I will post on the Buffoon update post.

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