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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Come on England

At last the 2010 World Cup has commenced. As usual I am backing the boys in White, although I fear the Spaniards are a cut above the rest. Still, I'd rather be optimistic, than pessimistic, unlike the plethora of knob heads who call in on the radio saying we will be lucky to get past the last 16. Who are these wankers? Rooney isn't World Class, Capello has lost the plot, the Team is too old, the team is too young...... the list of whiners is endless. I can't bring myself to listen to TalkSport at the moment, as it seems to be a touch point for these joyless knobs. I could understand it if they had Scottish, Welsh or even Irish accents, but to a man they hail from this green and pleasant land. From now on I shall be greeting these harbingers of doom with a polite "Shut the fuck up."

So my predictions? Spain to beat England in the final. We will break our penalty voodoo in the semis against Brazil, but second half streaker in the final will break John Terry's concentration for a split second, allowing some effeminate long haired Spaniard to sneak in the decisive score. My outside bet for the semis is Serbia. First up though is my homeland, the good ol' US of A. 3-1 to the three lions, as Rooney gets off to a flyer with a brace.


Crespo said...

If we make the quarters, we've done well...
All overated and overpaid (Rooney aside)prima donna's!!!!!!!

haha put that in yer pipe and smoke it lol

Crespo said...

ps gotta go, ive got talk sport on the other line!!!!