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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1860 Around the World

Have been meaning to get round to this post for ages, as both myself and Sprocket have continued to spread the 1860 word around the globe. I will add them to the on-line gallery, that can be accessed in the top left hand corner, but have decided to add a few on here. Above we can see Der Mighty Lowen on the pull in Columbus zoo, as he tries to some lazy tart too fetch his tea. But seeing as it was a zoo, and she was in a cage, a chunk of raw antelope never materialised.

Can you see it yet? The W-band plays hide and seek in the Beer Cave in Tiffin, Ohio. Strange things are afoot down the Circle K, to paraphrase a famous-ish movie. Things were chilly in the walk in fridge.
In this shot, Castlefords favourite 1860 fan has the Greek port of Thessaloniki as his back drop. This port town is Greece's second largest city, and quite frankly, judging by this snap looks a bit of a dump. And I know dumps, having to cross Bradford City centre on numerous occasions.

Sticking with an aquatic theme, this is a shot that should have been posted a while back, as the W-band catches some rays by the banks of the Rhine, during our Volcano interrupted jaunt to Dusseldorf. For some reason, this is the only photo during this sojourn. May have something to do with the vast amount of ale consumed.

Has the law finally won? Is this the end of Euro? Is my arse to become the property of a psychotic criminal with a foot longer? Thankfully none of the above. No this is me in the cell used for the film Shawshank Redemption. It was was filmed at the old Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield. A most spooky place.

We have here two for the price of one, both taken on Sprockets recent Summer holiday. He killed two birds with one stone, catching the ferry from Fuerteventura, pictured in the bottom frame, to Playa Blanca on Lanzarote, in the frame on top. This about sums him up, as he was too tight to fly back for a separate jaunt to capture a different picture. Ten out of ten, though, for remembering to pack it in the first place.

Finally, what better way to wrap up a post documenting the actions of a couple of clowns, than with the most famous one in the world, good ol' Ronald McDonald himself. Who would have thought the Red headed jester would have heart that's blau? This statue (can you use that description for something made out of plastic?) guards the food court at Schipol Airport near Amsterdam.

We should have more to post, but Geevers forgot to pack his when he went for a break on the Yorkshire coast, and Shouty has lost his. Again. If anybody is passing through Bavaria and spies one for sale, can they please purchase one for the Right Honourable, who will gladly put it through expenses. I am off to the Lake District this weekend and will hopefully get some scenic snaps, and we are still hoping to get to the Brussels Beer festival in September. Of course you don't need to travel anywhere to join in the gospel, as anything stupid, daft or weird will be considered for publishing.

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