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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crunch Time

Fifteen hours remain till kick off, and it is hard to comprehend that England could be out before the serious shit gets started. Can they pull off the victory that will see them advance? I am the eternal optimist, but even I am full of trepidation after the inept performance of last Friday night. Play like that again, and forget it. But, and it is a big but, I think if they do manage to slip out of this group, they could go far. Unless the get the Germans in the next round, which seems unlikely as if they both both prevail tomorrow they will win their groups, the draw opens up till the semi-finals. A last 16 game against either Serbia or Ghana, followed by a quarter final, against either South Korea or Uruguay does not fill one with fear. So for the record, I am predicting a cagey 2-1 win tomorrow, and a run to last four at a minimum. Please.

One good thing about the Slovenia game though is the fact that the BBC are showing it. Shouty thinks it is a lucky omen, and for all I know he may be right, but it will be great not to have to listen to that muppet Chiles crack a bunch of unfunny jokes to a panel of "experts" who then look at him like he is an idiot. And let's not forget Clive Tildsley, quite possibly the worst commentator in the world. Ever. He commentates like he has a pineapple stuck up his arse. Most off putting. I know the Beeb has Alan Shearer, whose total lack of charisma, and ability to say absolutely nothing of wit and/or imagination, is quite frankly remarkable, but they leave the commercial channels coverage dead in the water.


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