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Thursday, July 12, 2012

On the Comeback Trail?

I have got two weeks worth of catching up to do, as I was unable to write up last weeks clash.  So to catch up on the earlier game, a draw.  yet again the mighty Righteous appeared to be cruising towards a vital victory, but managed to implode, and in the end were lucky to hold out for the stalemate.  This with a pretty strong line up, so when injuries took their toll this week, we were looking odds on to go behind by five games.  Clogs was out, along with Dribbling Dan and Dr Shotgun is still a week or so away from being able to participate.  Late call ups Salty and Bazooka Joe were worthy substitutions, but we had to draft in a sports hall worker as our fifth player, as I failed to find another laker.  The omens were not good, and the outlook for the valiant boys in white was even grimmer after an early goal burst by the shirt lifters saw the score 4-1 at the first goalie change.  But then the goal tide was stemmed, and slowly but surely the Euro boys chipped away at the lead, and quite a game ensued.  Young Nathan, our late call up, started to find the back of the net, and we were all square.  At this point the Octopus pulled up lame, and again the sun appeared to shine on the rancid backside of the Nefarious JMF.  But the Righteous hung tough, and despite some eccentric goal keeping from our resident cephalopod, went a goal up.  With the clock ticking down, and the MoFo committed to getting an equalizer, Bazooka broke away and smashed in a beauty.  This took the wind out of the female dodgers sails, and another score, by yours truly, earned the gallant Euro boys a most unexpected victory.  The start of a comeback perhaps???

2012 Season

JMF wins- 15

Euro wins- 12

Draws- 3

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