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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get off the Road!

Now I haven't had a good old moan for a while, but there seems to be some strange trend going on in the Bradford area.  A bunch of folk seem to think they are some form of motor vehicle.  Either that or invisible cars have been invented, and nobody thought to tell me.  I could understand this if we lived in a bustling mega city, but we don't.  There is plenty of room on the pavement, yet time and again I have to slow down or swerve, for some clown ambling along the road without a care in the world.  Why?  The worst culprit is without a shadow of a doubt, the "Clayton Waddler" a rather large woman who trundles up the middle of the road at very slow rate of knots.  In the summer it's bad enough, but in the middle of darkest winter, it's a miracle nobody has knocked her over.  She dresses in the darkest colours, and topped with the fact she is of Carribean descent, makes her nigh on invisible.  Crackers she is....

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