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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy New Rear!

Now I know it's been a while, and it is also a bit late in the day to be wishing all of you a happy new year, but things have been seriously hectic since I last posted on my blog, but I am aiming to pull I finger out, and get back on track in 2012. So this is pretty much a round up of what's gone down over the last twelve months.

Wood Champions 2011
From a seemingly hopeless position in late July, the Mighty Righteous Euro Boys clawed their way back into contention, and ran out easy winners in the battle against the nefarious knob jockeys of the JMF. If I am not mistaken it was a huge swing from a six game deficit to a five game advantage. A big well done to all my teammates, even Crespo who at one point seemed ready to capitulate to the forces of evil. And to the JMF a big "In your face, LOSERS!"

Bender of the Year
A fallow year, as the arrival of new babies the previous year, financial constraints and housing moves saw the Bender Squads resolve to live it large tested to the maximum. This saw numbers and aspirations reigned in, big time. In fact there was only one foreign jaunt, as myself and Shouty took off to Berlin for a rendezvous with the Swiss branch of the Bender Squad, namely the Major and Downhill. The other was a swift sojourn to the Big Smoke, aka London town, for Crespos 30th. A jolly good time indeed. So this year I have declared a draw, as both were of an equal standard.

Winner- Berlin and London

Squad Member of the Year
Although his moaning on a five a side court is painful, this years award goes to Crespo, who despite seeing a downturn in his finances, continues to make himself available for most of our shenanigan fueled evenings. His efforts and sacrifices are appreciated. Runner up this year goes to the squads preeminent Spurs fan, and our favourite Swiss geezer, The Major. It finally looks like a few of us will be making it out to Basel this year, and finally make good on our promise.

Winner- Crespo
Runner up- The Major

Newcomer of the Year
Due to the lack of candidates this year, I shall leave this award unfilled.

Le Grande Buffoon 2011
Not a stellar year, which was always going to result in a surprise winner, due to the lack of action. It was a close run thing in the end, Dessi's antics on the sub continent were just pipped by El Grande Queso's cumulative efforts over the 12 months running from October 2010 till October 2011. This year was also shaping up to be a rather skinny year, but it is suddenly looking a bit healthier, and I shall get up to date in a full post later in the week.

Winner- El Grande Queso

And that's pretty much 2011 all wrapped up. My PC is still getting repaired, but I am not going to use this as an excuse, and my one new year resolution is to get back on track with keeping this site up to date. It would be a shame to let it peter out after five years. Here's to 2012!

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