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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shouty Swansong Scuppered

A new year means a new season, and the campaign to be crowned King of the Wood 2012 began with two shocks. The first shock was the bombshell announcement from the Shoutster that he was to relinquish his starting position for the champion Euro Elite. A move to Leeds means the cash strapped destroyer can no longer afford to make it on a weekly basis. His spot has been kept in the family, as the Octopus will now be a full timer. The other shock was the ineptitude of the Euro boys display. Shouty aside, it was abysmal. I think the final advantage was as high as ten, as the festive depredations weighed much heavier on the boys in white, than the shandy drinking, pussy whipped metro sexuals of the evil JMF. Fifty one weeks of bickering, MoFo cheating and the odd burst of skill lie ahead of us, But first blood to the female dodgers.

2012 Season

Line ups

JMF- Jamon, Luklear War, Dead Eye, The Mercenary and Child Catcher

Euro Elite- Euro Bri, Crespo, Big Phil da Octopus, Shouty and Dr Shotgun

JMF wins - 1

Euro Elite - 0

Draws - o

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