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Saturday, January 21, 2012


JMF? Should have been JFM, as in Just Fucking Met, as not one, not two, but three new recruits were drafted in by the shirt lifters, as three of there core members cried off with a variety of arse related ailments. Aki, Slippery Sean and Child Catchers brother were the draftees brought in to shore up the team. The new look Righteous were all present, and from the off were too much for the patched up MoFo. It's been said many a time, but the team that sticks together wins together, and although it was a good effort from our opponents, the Euro boys understanding and team work were always going to be a tall order. Even some questionable score keeping from Luklear War could not jerry mander a result for the forces of evil, and the game was always in hand.

Dolphin versus Octopus
A good game by both sea goers saw the game within the game finish honours even. I was tempted to give it to Octopus, after my shin pads were assaulted by one of King Daves size 200 flippers, but the dorsal finned one did put in quite a shift. Score draw.

2012 Season

Line ups

JMF- King Dave, Luklear War, Slippery, Aki and Catcher

Euro Elite- Euro Bri, Crespo, Big Phil da Octopus, Clogs and Child Catcher

JMF wins - 1

Euro Elite - 2

Draws - o

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