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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Double Trouble

Well who would have thunk it? After weeks of serenely collecting victories, on what seemed to be a pretty straight forward path to glory. But the MoFo have suddenly found some backbone, and have got themselves well back into the running. The previous week was one of those evenings when all on the Righteous Elite decided to play like shite, and the resulting loss was expected to be nothing but a mere irritation, prolonging our imminent crowning as Lords of the Wood. But this Wednesday just gone was a different kettle of fish indeed. The boys in white played well, and after overturning an early JMF lead, all seemed set for a cruise to victory. But then it all went pear shaped. The MoFo must have laid down some form of curse, as all of a sudden, anything they struck goal ward seemed to go in. And the majority of them were pretty ugly scores. Spins of hands, air shots from Shouty and evasive action from Crespo, saw the most powder puff of shots find the back of the net. But football is not a beauty pageant, and the final score was a comfortable win for the JMF. This means the Euro boys hold a solitary game advantage, with only five matches left to play. Squeaky bum time, which means there are sure to be some rum altercations over the next few weeks.

2011 Season

JMF wins - 20

Euro Elite - 21

Draws - 6

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