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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cod Army 2 Bantams 2

An afternoon game on a parky winters day, after several pints, at a garden shed of a ground is always a tough sell. Especially when you are watching with an undercover Leeds fan. The first half was all Fleetwood, and as half time approached, talk had all ready turned to the pub. But then Nahki Wells curled a free kick into the top corner, and we decided to see how the second half started out.

And it started really well, as city finally seemed to have got their shit together.  The Cod Army was the team on the ropes now, and ten minutes in, the Bantams took the lead. All looked fair set for an important away victory, when my phone pinged an incoming text.  Mickey D and Sprout had jiggered off to 'spoons! Now I would love to say that I resisted temptation, and loyally stayed to back my team to the death.  But I didn't. The thought of pint in a warm pub proved far to tempting, and we made good our escape.  As we turned the corner for the tram, we heard the roar that went up for the Cod Armies equaliser, which stayed the final result.

Kev Watch- After all the cup exploits, it was back to the bread and butter of the league.  Things started out well, but the combination of my boredom, and the beer I had supped prior to the game, made for a tetchy affair. In fact I spent pretty much the whole first half (ably assisted by Geester) baiting our lanky hero. he was good value when we went in front, as we all dived bombed him in celebration, but the freezing seaside breeze soon cooled us off.  Stayed to the death.  7/10

Pie Rating- We got off to a good start. They actually had pies! Several varieties to boot, and you could get mushy peas with 'em as well! I was going to get a guest review from Funky, but he got a pasty, which he didn't like. Said it was greasy. But this is "pie rating" so we don't really give a monkeys. Myself and my partner in crime, Geester, thought our pies were lovely.  The meat and potato actually had meat in it (not always a given at lower league football grounds) and I thought the Steak was spot on, especially with the mushy peas, all for less than the 4 knicker.  We both were in agreement. 7/10

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