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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wood Round-up

Now I am not going to even attempt to give a blow by blow account of the shenanigans that have gone on down the Wood over the last eight weeks or so, but I will outline the main topics of discussion, and give a score update.  The first item on the agenda is the gayness of the JMF.  They still love cock, and run a mile from owt that possesses a vagina.  And they still cheat like fuck.  Secondly, after a long spell of grumpiness, Crespo has called it quits.  Since this decision, we think he has finally been laid, but he has stuck to his guns, which means the rest of the Righteous Elite get to touch the ball a lot more.  The return of Dr Shotgun was short lived, although there is no definite plan of retirement (again), a reckless challenge by young Child Catcher has left him injured, and unavailable for selection.  As for the scores?  The arse pummelers have actually turned it around, through a combination of Jamon being locked in solitary, and blind luck.  They currently sport a three game lead, although there is plenty of time for this to be over turned.  From this week, I shall attempt to return to the weekly match report.

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