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Thursday, June 14, 2012

That Took Some Doing!

Buenos Dias Muchachos, it has been, like forever!  Geevers finally confessed he couldn't be arsed, so I got a young work colleague on the case, and hey Presto, I got my desk top back.  No offense to the old iPad, or the lap top, but this shite is much easier on a proper PC.  Of course this means I gots lots to catch up on, and it is smack in the middle of the Euro's.  I do however have the weekend off, so hangover permitting, I can get started come Saturday.  I can't even cheer y'all up with a Killer Keister, as my hard drive has been wiped.

1 comment:

GSterr said...

'I couldn't be arsed' was unsaid Bri. I just didn't have time to fix the computer. What, with Unemployment and Jeremy Kyle being on telly. What was I s'posed to do?? Make a fookin' effort... Not bloody likely