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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bendership 2012

This year, as you probably know, the Sun Dream Team competition was free to enter.  Now for the past few seasons, this has been the Fantasy Football set up we have used to determine the Bender Squad king of all football.  Whilst it was always well entered, despite the charge, this year we had an explosion of new players.  The question was, would the big three be broken?  The last four year have seen machine and Big JB win twice each, while Euro Bri has been runner-up for the past for years.  Could the new entries fell the grizzled veterans?  The answer was....Hell Yeah!  I manged to hold onto to fourth, but big Bad Dessi finished third, an 1860 compadre of mine filled out the runners up spot, but all were left bobbing in the wake of Jonesy, who despite a mediocre start, lead pretty much from Christmas till the final game.  Machine was left floundering in mid-table, and Big JB finished a distant fifth.  The wooden spoon goes to Meatball, whose ineptitude at picking a decent XI was quite frankly staggering.  Even Crespo beat him.  So as much as it pains me to say it, well done to KC, who takes the title out of Bradford for the first time, ushering it up the M62 to Castleford, and earning a place on the Roll of Honour;
  • 2012- Jonesy
  • 2011- Big JB
  • 2010- Machine
  • 2009- Machine
  • 2008- Big John B
  • 2007- Lobon
  • 2006- Shouty

  As soon as the new game goes live, I shall facebook out all the invitation for the 2013 campaign. 

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