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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catch Up

It has been a while, so there is rather a lot to catch up on. Firstly the JMF. Even though the Righteous probably are the slightly older team, it is the MoFo how have been subject to an injury crisis. Dead Eye missed three weeks with a back problem, as well as team captain Jamon, who was laid up with (quell suprise) an arse malfunction. Feel free to insert your own rent boy joke, see if you can CRACK a smile. This resulted in some very interesting line ups for the forces of evil, some of whom I had never met before, and chances are, shall never meet again. On the other hand the core of the Righteous Euro boys remained in tact, bar the odd drop out, which of course saw us win the majority of these games, opening a two game advantage in the process. But this week saw the line ups pretty much as they are meant to be, bar a return appearance from the Shoutster. It was a close game, and a good game, barring the quality of keeping. The Octopus and the Shoutster let in some howlers, as did King Dave, but Jamon 's catch, twirl and deposit in his own goal was by far the worst, or best, depending on which side you follow. But yet again, it was the finishing of Dead Eye that won the day for the nefarious gender benders in red. This victory drags them back to within a solitary game, as 2012 remains a nip and tuck affair. Hopefully I have broken the spell of procrastination that has hung over me the past few weeks, and will endevour to return to weekly postings.
2012 Season

Line ups

JMF- King Dave, Luklear War, Jamon, Dead Eye and Mercenary

Euro Elite- Euro Bri, Crespo, Big Phil da Octopus, Clogs and Shouty

JMF wins - 4

Euro Elite - 5

Draws - 2

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