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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Close, but not Close Enough

Crikey, that was a close call. For a change it was the Righteous Elite who were forced to field a late replacement, and as is usually the case, the team which fielded it's standard side ran out the winners. Just. Up till the 55 minute mark, the game was in the balance, all square and up for grabs. It had been a stellar display from the lads in white, as the MoFo were held at bay time and again. Then the Child Catcher went airborne, and lost his way a bit. To be fair he bounced straight back up, but a landing like that had to hurt, and it was just enough to give the man lovinbg Neanderthals the chance they needed. We slightly lost our shape, and left the Octopus exposed in nets, and the jig was up. A four goal win was a harsh scoreline on the valiant Euro boys, but a win is a win, and as we roll into February, the scores on the doors are all square.

Octopus versus Dolphin
Yet again both marine creatures gave there all, but it has to be the Delphinidae Delphis who snuck it by a bottle nose. The Octopus was good, but Flipper had his eye in, and it was his goals that won it in the end.

Moment of Match
A magnificent spell between the sticks by Euro Bri, featuring some gravity defying saves, would usually have been enough to win the weekly accolade, but hands down last weeks worthy winner was the Child Catcher. The young fella leaped into stratosphere in an effort to pull off......well none of us are sure what, but the laddo got himself some height, and then done some half arsed kind off wriggle stoke flip, before landing with an Almighty twhack on the hard vinyl floor. Allmof us thought he was seriousley hurt, but he bounced back up like nowt had happened.

2012 Season

Line ups

JMF- King Dave, Luklear War, Jamon, Dead Eye and Mercenary

Euro Elite- Euro Bri, Speedy Joe, Big Phil da Octopus, Clogs and Child Catcher

JMF wins - 2

Euro Elite - 2

Draws - o

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