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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wood Round-up

Once again time has been at a premium, where the chuff does it go? Of course, as you may well have noticed, I am two weeks behind on the Wood 12 reporting, and need to catch up, as in a couple of hours, we kick off this weeks game. So briefly, a quick report of the last two weeks. Week one was not a good week for the Righteous Euro boys. A patched up team looked to be over matched from the start, and the JMF ran out easy winners, with a returning Dead Eye on top form, in stark comparison to an uber grumpy Crespo. This brought about a threat of retirement from our lanky front man, and he needed to be coerced into playing the week after. So the MoFo had regained parity with mighty Euro boys, and had a chance to take a lead at the start of last weeks game. But it was the Elite who took back the lead with the return of, once again, the good Dr Shotgun. The Frank Sinatra of the Wood, Shotgun returned to the fold, after swearing it was the end of the line at the end of the 2011 campaign. And he was up for it, scoring several goals, as the Righteous ran out comfortable winners over the MoFo. Once again I shall strive, and probably fail, to get back into the zone as far as the weekly report goes, especially if my lottery numbers come up tonight, and I can once again reclaim my time for me.

JMF wins - 5

Euro Elite - 6

Draws - 2

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