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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Away Days- Wembley

Crespo, Patty and Big Al, down Wembley way
Well who would have thunk it?  One Wembley appearance in 110 years, and within three months we get two.  And what contrasting days they turned out to be.....

In February, the mighty bantams made history, becoming the first team from the fourth tier of the Football League, to make a major Cup Final, the Capital One cup.  Hopes were high, as on route to the final against Swansea, three Premier League teams, including Arsenal, had been vanquished.  But the Bantams performance was as grim as the miserable winters day it was played on.  Out played from the first whistle, the first (and only) shot mustered by the boys in claret and amber was not until the 88th minute.  The final 5-0 score line could easily have been doubled, if not trebled, had the Swans not taken their foot off the gas pedal.  Combined with the coach ride from Hell, it was one of the worst days of my life, easily finding a spot in my top ten.
We can see you sneaking out!!!

So on to May, where against all expectations we found ourselves travelling down, by TRAIN, to the play off finals.  Blocking our path to League One was Northampton Town.  The weather was perfect for football, bright and sunny, but not too hot.  Yes the ground was half full, so some atmosphere was lost, but hopes were high after the away demolition of Burton Albion in the semi final.  Of course, this being Bradford City FC, everybody expected a stressful afternoon, recent history suggesting we wound be put the through the wringer several times before the final whistle blew.  But those thoughts were soon dashed.  Three up within thirty minutes, the rest of the game was played out in cruise control, and the dark memories of the February just past were vanquished, CTID.

On what planet is this a pie?
So what about the stadium?  As with all modern structures, it lacks any kind of soul, and anybody who thought sticking up a lopsided arch would rectify this, was sadly mistaken.  Of course, as with all modern structures, there isn't a bad seat in the house.  The seats are comfortable, the concourses are wide and the concession stands clean, quick and efficient.  The toilets are vast (no queuing) and the size of the joint is quite impressive.  But I would still take an Away day to Brentfords Griffin Park over it.

  • Capacity-90,000
  • Concessions- Yes they are expensive. But for your money you get ultra quick service, a good variety (you can buy fish and chips) and the portions are pretty generous.  Yet they lack something, being in the main the fast food, never mind the quality look how big it is!
  • Built- 2007
  • Did You Know?- The stadium contains 2,168 toilets, more than any venue in the world
  • Visited By- Euro Bri, El Grande Queso, Crespo, Funky, Big Al, Helmet, Geester, Jamon and Malccy and just about everybody chuffing else now...
  • Rating- Mount Olympus- If for no other reason than the name Wembley. It has hosted numerous finals, Live Aid and is known throughout the world.  Apart from Pele, every single one of the worlds elite players has graced its hallowed turf, and no matter what kind of structure stood here, it would still be an iconic venue. And lets face it, what other ground can you sing about visiting?  Que sera, sera!

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