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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wood Round-up

Right, I have three weeks worth to catch up on. The last few weeks have seen numerous line up changes, as both sides have struggled to field a settled starting five. So instead of elaborating on each game, I aim to provide an overview of whats been going on. First up the score lines. The JMF won this mini rubber 2 games to 1, although last nights game was marred by an early injury to the Phoenix like Dr Shotgun. Over the period of reporting, he has been nothing short of a revelation in front of goal. The biggest surprise has been his deadliness in one on one situations with keeper. There was a time when you would have bet the house on the sports centre roof being battered by the ball, but over the last three weeks it has been the netting that has trembled in fear. Alas, an over the top challenge by the Child Catcher has put the good doctor out of action for a few weeks.
So that's where we stand at quarter point of the 2012 season. One up to the Righteous, with all to play for. The biggest fear for the Euro boys is the lack of a settled side. Shotguns injury, coupled with Crespos grumpiness will soon be compounded by a three week absence of Euro Bri. But we shall worry about that in May....


2012 Season

JMF wins- 7

Euro wins- 8

Draws- 2

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