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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tetchy Affair

So far this year, things have been reasonably cordial down the Wood. But not last week, as the hour proved to be a most tetchy affair. Which was surprising considering Jamon was not playing. The game started out well enough, and the evil MoFo opened a bit of a lead, everything they hit seemed to go in. But as the Righteous began to drag themselves back into the game, the mood soured. Especially between Dead Eye and Crespo. They would seem to have taken over the most argumentative opponents from Shotgun and Jamon, who seem to have mellowed since the Doctors return. A proper bitch fest indeed. After the three quarter mark, it was very much nip and tuck, both sides nudging in front, only to be pulled back. Child catcher, now turning out for the lady dodgers, scored a couple of beauties, but a final burst from the Euro boys finally opened a lead that was not to be overturned.

2012 Season

JMF wins- 5

Euro wins- 7

Draws- 2

JMF- Dead Eye, Luklear War, King Dave, Radders and Child Catcher

Euro E- Euro Bri, Clogs, Crespo, Dr Shotgun and Shouty

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