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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Home

I would love to say it's great to be back in the UK, but it's not. I do realise it will be in a week or so, but as always, the first day back at the grind stone tends to make one wish that your vacation would last forever. I was hoping to keep my regular perusers abreast of my shenanigans state side, but my Dads browser wouldn't allow me to, and I took the wrong camera lead with me, so I was unable to upload any kind of pictures. Combine this with the fact that my poorly computer is still being looked at by Geevers, leaves me posting off the Elsters notebook, which I am not allowed to stain with any off my cameras content, or my collection of arse shots. I am hoping to see Geevers tomorrow night, so I will be, fingers crossed, back up to speed in a few days. Depends on my one man IT departments procrastination levels. Speaking of which, I have just download angry birds on chrome, so I am off....... Will catch up tomorrow.

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